How to Find The Right Water Treater For You

  • Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a water based system? Is your system having issues? Is there corrosion, deposition or other microbiological problems or are you experiencing unexpected shutdowns? Do you believe your energy/utility bills are too high? Do you believe you are wasting water? Are you getting poor advice and service from your water treater that is not helping you solve your issues? If you are answering yes to many of these questions, maybe it is time for a change!!!
  • Create your RFP (Request for Proposal) detailing the specifics of what you need. Include qualifications such as experience, certifications, and expertise. When asking for a quote from potential vendors, ask the vendors:
    • To provide you the amount of chemical they are planning to use on each system for a year;
    • To provide you information on what a typical service visit entails, including a list of the tests run on the types of systems you have;
    • Does the water treater regularly run corrosion coupons, biological tests, Legionella analyses? Are there extra charges for these services?;
    • What type of control packages does the water treater utilize? Do they clean and calibrate equipment on each and every service visit? Is there an extra charge for this?;
    • What other services are included in the cost? Likewise what extra services will you be charged extra for?;
    • How often can you expect to see the representative?;
    • If deposits or material forms in the systems, will they be analyzed? How? Will it be at an extra cost?;
    • Does the water treater want to know when the system shuts down? Will they lay-up the system or help protect it from off-line corrosion? Is there an extra charge?
  • Review the proposals, paying specific attention to:
    • Experience – how many years does the individual or company have in the Water Treatment Industry?
    • Education – is the water treater a Certified Water Technologist (CWT)? The CWT designation, which is the highest standard and only professional credential available to water treaters, ensures the water treater has not only passed a rigorous exam and undergone the scrutiny of a peer review, but has also signed an extensive code of ethics.
    • Expertise – does the water treater have a background knowledge of your specific system or problem?
    • Efficiency – What company is going to give me the best return on my investment?
  • Contact references given by the vendors. Some questions you should ask include:
    • Were you satisfied with the services and equipment provided by this vendor?
    • Did the vendor stay within the proposed contract amount? If expenses ran over, were you notified in advance and given alternative solutions?
    • Did they communicate well with you throughout the process?
    • Do you still work with or would you work with this water treater again?
  • Interview one or two of the vendors whom you are considering working with to determine if you can establish a healthy working relationship. Determine and agree upon how you will measure success throughout your relationship.
  • Once hired, develop a good working relationship with your water treater – consider them an extension of your staff.

The right Water Treater for you is the Water Treater who provides you with the best services at an affordable price, in addition to being honest, respectable and accountable to YOU!

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