Why Choose GLA?

What is water?

Water is the life blood of everything on this earth. Water is needed by every living thing to survive. Most people do not think about the water they drink or send down the drain but contaminants are contained in all waters. These contaminants are either removed or stabilized before making the water drinkable or usable and before it is discharged into the environment. There is also another major use for water and that is as a heat transfer fluid. Because of its thermodynamic properties, water can be used in steam boilers, cooling loops, transport loops, etc.

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use. These can include use as drinking water, industrial processes, HVAC cooling or heating, and waste processing. Water treatment can include chemical, mechanical, or physical processes. Water treatment can be done to either remove or stabilize contaminants in the water so it can be utilized fully and thus provide a cost savings to the processor or end user.

Why do you need water treatment?

Water Treatment is not the functional treatment of water but rather it is the treatment of the fluid that allows for the proper heat exchange to keep equipment cool. (Boiler water actually cools the boiler metal which has a temperature that exceeds the deformation temperature of the metal on the fireside. Steam is just the by-product). A proper water treatment program is important because the naturally occurring dissolved impurities in the water can cause scale, corrosion, fouling and biological growth in the system. These contaminants can increase energy consumption and thus increase costs due to the scale and fouling compounds acting as insulators or corroding or damaging a system to the point that it needs to be replaced. Bacterial contamination can lead to corrosion or fouling but most importantly, acquired diseases. Many poorly treated water based systems have been identified as sources of outbreaks that have resulted in deaths, the Legionnaires Disease outbreak of 1976 being the most widely known.

Why do you need GLA Water Consultants, Inc.?

GLA not only offers each of the above to our clients, but we provide the very best available water treatment service as well as employees who are Certified Water Technicians (CWT) to our clients.

What is a Certified Water Technician (CWT)?

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