What Products Does GLA Utilize?

At GLA, providing our customers with the most up-to-date and efficient products and equipment is one of our top priorities. While the categories and types of products and equipment that GLA personnel either install on-site at our customer’s facilities or carry with us for our service visits and testing never change, the science and technology that makes up those products and equipment is constantly changing. By attending industry conventions, training seminars, and events, we strive to stay aware of the newest, most efficient, and cost effective products available on the market. In doing so, we pass on to our customers products that allow facilities to operate at more energy and water efficient levels.

To view the safety information (Safety Data Sheets) on the products we currently are using at our customer’s facilities, please click here and enter the customer user name and log-in which have been provided to you by GLA personnel.

To view the general overview of the types of equipment that GLA uses at our customer’s facilities, please click here. While there, you can learn about the various pieces of equipment we use, what their applications are, and what the benefits of using them are.

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